Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 60 - August 22

On the final day of the concert series, Tim was able to get all 5 of us wrist bands. That was wonderful especially since there were a ton of people there! First, Dr. Carlson gave a short message, then Amy Grant sang for about an hour. She is very talented! Next Michael W. Smith sang for about an hour as well. Out of all the concerts, his was, by far, the most theatrical. The girls didn't really like the bright lights, but they did get to see everything! We also were able to hear the drums and keyboard rather than hearing them through the speakers. After MWS was finished, there were fireworks off the pier. Very cool.

Our Sunday was pretty busy. Alyssa and Jordan went to a birthday party right after church and Megan babysat from 2 - 4. We picked Megan up from sitting, then picked the girls up from the party and went straight to Pier Park. The speaking, music and fireworks were nearly non-stop from 5pm to 9pm. Since we hadn't had dinner yet, we agreed on going to Panera (by far the girls favorite restaurant), but it was closed. So we went to Red Robin instead. When we got into the restaurant, we saw Dr. Carlson and his wife having dinner as well. We were seated and got drinks, then went over and talked with them for a minute. I'm sure they get interrupted all the time and probably would have rather not had us come over, but for us, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

All in all, we had an amazing weekend.

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