Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 69 - August 31

I'm really bad at choosing and sticking to curriculum. Last May, when I enrolled the girls in co-op, Megan and Jordan were both in the middle school class, and Alyssa picked Sign Language and History (well, she picked sign and art, but I thought I wanted her to get history at co-op, then that would be off our daily plate at home). Megan decided to stay in middle school since high school was doing SAT prep (I don't think she needs that as a freshman) and writing/speech. That would be a good class, but it uses materials written by the same people who wrote CQLA and she is just burned out with that right now. That was all in May. Over the summer, Megan decided that she wanted to do Geography, so now we are doing 9th grade geo. Then I pulled out some of the books I have in reserve and Jordan saw the Old World History and Geography. She wanted to do that. Ok, we are doing 9th grade geo and 6th grade geo/history. Then I was looking through the 3rd grade Heritage Studies book (that was Jor's) and it has great stuff about our founders and American History, so Alyssa is doing that. So all the girls are doing some kind of Social Studies during our school day PLUS Mystery of History at co-op and 3 nights a week.

What a long intro! Earlier this year, Alyssa studied Christopher Columbus. It was a nice story about this Christian sailor dude. Well, last nights MOH gave a more detailed account of Columbus - probably more accurate since Abeka stopped at his first voyage. Apparently, Chris was a rather mean guy who let the fame of finding the New World go to his head making him a bit of an egotistical guy. What a difference between the two books!

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