Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 93 - September 24

I got a little behind in my updates. There were technical difficulties. David was going to help me figure it out, so I showed him the "problem". Apparently just having him in the house fixes nearly everything. I couldn't replicate my issue.

Brittni and I "teach" P.E. for our co-op. Teach is a rather lose interpretation since neither of us has any experience and aren't terribly sporty. The kids are divided into two groups, so we do the same activity two weeks in a row. The first two weeks we were rained out. Next, we played water ballon baseball. Then we played egg toss with water balloons. Hopefully it starts to cool down because (a) we are getting tired of filling balloons and (b) there are really only so many group water balloon games. This is a picture of today's group doing the balloon toss.

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