Friday, October 1, 2010

Day 99 - September 30

Today in history, we talked about Ferdinand Magellan and his historic voyage in the Victoria. We all know how Magellan was the first guy to cut across the bottom of South America and how he is credited with circling the globe. Well, he didn't actually make it all the way around. His boat did and 18 (of like 300) guys made it back, but Ferdinand met some unfriendly dudes in the Philippines and didn't leave there.

I think the girls are enjoying history this year. Alyssa thought it was funny that Magellan was "fired" by the king of Portugal so he decided to become Spanish and sail for the king of Spain. She also needed to be corrected when she said the Mona Lisa was painted by Leonardo de Medici. At least she is remembering the names - combining them incorrectly, but remembering them.

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