Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day 168, December 8

Not the greatest subject for a picture, eh? Jordan's scar has split yet again, but this time the lymph node behind her ear (about an inch from the offending site) got infected. It was quite painful for her. I took her to the doc on base, but her usual doctor must have PSC'ed out since she has a new primary doctor. So a new doc that (a) has never seen Jordan (b) probably never has had a kiddo with her problem and (c) doesn't have a clue to what we've done, been doing, and know what to do. The doc completely flips out, wanting her to be seen in town (she set up an appointment with a doctor that we've been to before who told us he doesn't know what to do for her - I cancelled that as soon as we got home!) and wanting us to set up an appointment at UAB asap. So... we will probably go see Dr. Grant in January or maybe just talk with him to set up surgery. Right now, we expect to be back in for a procedure in or around January. From what he said in November, it'll be, comparably, a minor event for her.

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