Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 253, March 3

Yesterday was more eventful that I like. At 3:30, I got a call from Jordan's coach, Ashley, saying Jordan fell while on the bars and should probably get an x-ray. I got her, took her to ER (they have the best pediatric ER!) and got x-rays taken, then, more importantly, she got morphine! By 4:30, we were able to see a small break in her radius. The orthopedic doctor on call was in OR doing a hip replacement, so we waited in the post-op ward for hours! At about 9:00, the doctor came in. He had looked at the x-rays and Jordan had a very rare break. He took her back to OR and was able to set it manually. The bone had actually folded back on itself and the head of the bone had rotated. The recliner was Jordan's bed for 2 nights. Jordan can now say that she has 5 surgeries under her belt!

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