Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 287, April 6

Jordan's gymnastics coach is getting married next month. We were invited to her bridal shower, but couldn't go to it. Here is the card I made to go with the gift. The elements were all from my last secret sister card kit. I love how the lace ribbon looks again the dp. I'm not really happy with the placement of the roses, but I stuck them on with glue dots and couldn't move them.

David went shopping with me to get the gift. The shower was called an "around the clock" shower. We were given a time of day and were suppose to get a gift that correlated with that time. (Really good idea!). We had 10 am. Ashley had a few cookbooks on her registry, so that was my idea. David thought that an extension cord and surge protector (also on the registry!) was a better idea. So… Ashley's bridal shower gift? Not so much for the bride, but hopefully useful.

On another note… know what I was doing 15 years ago today? Expecting to have a baby! Today was Megan's due date. At the time I wasn't really happy waiting another 6 days (eternity to a pregnant woman expecting her first child), but Megan coming on my Gram's birthday was pretty special.

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