Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 307, April 26

Here is David's first project - a candle box. What is a candle box? I asked and got the response, "No clue". It is pretty nice work if you ask me!

Today was a pretty busy day in Florida. The girls had piano lessons, then we went straight to the base for Jordan's physical therapy. After PT, I was going to tutor, but Emily was ill. After lunch, Jordan went to see the orthopedist for her last weekly/bimonthly visit. The verdict from the therapist was that Jor has regained most of her range of motion and she got double the exercises to do. She should expect her elbow to be able to bear her body weight in 2 more weeks and be back into gymnastics full force in 4 to 6 weeks. The orthopedist said that the healing looks 95% complete and she is ready to be back at the gym now. So which is it?

Then tonight, Megan drove us to the mall! Very exciting!

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