Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 333, May 22

David and I were taking a walk the other night and were looking at the landscaping in front of some of the homes in our neighborhood. We have never been thrilled with our flowerbeds in front of the house, but we also aren't really very flower savvy. As we approached the house, we realized how much the bushes had grown over the winter and how we really didn't like the ones that flanked the front walk. So...

We (as in David) cut back the bushed along the garage wall and took out the two in the very front. I really like how it looks. Much more open and I don't have to worry about what is living in there! (Ok, I KNOW we have lizards or skinks living in the eaves on the front porch. They have fluffed out a little insulation and sometimes I see their little tails. 5 years in Florida and still a little freaked by it. Then, the other night, I saw a BIG black widow in the garage. Didn't know we had them here. I thought we left the realm of poisonous spiders in Oklahoma.)

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