Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 345, June 3

Today we have a few more critters in the house! We are dog sitting, Daisy, and sugar bear sitting, Boomer and Bindy (I'm not sure which one that is). They were very fun! The girls loved to take them out and play with them, feed them apples and carrots, and try to get them to "fly" to their cage. It was neat!

Koko, however, was interested in them for another reason. I'm sure she would have loved to "play with them" too (just ask that mole that she played with - oh, you can't! It's dead.), but she also thinks that it is her duty to rid the world of all pestilence. The rule was that there had to be at least one closed door between the bears and Koko at all time!

We also had the Junior Highers over for a swim party. There weren't a ton of girls, but they all had fun!

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