Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 117, October 18, Monday

Today we left Kauai and flew to the big island of Hawaii. There was a much different feel here. It wasn't nearly as touristy. We had a busy day. We drove to see two waterfalls. They were amazing. This one has a drop of over 400 ft. Then we drove to Volcano National Park. We saw the crater, saw the steam, smelled the odor, and walked through old lava tubes. From there we drove to the "lava viewing area", but didn't see anything. So... we went closer to the ocean, walked along the "beach" (this isn't your typical sandy beach, nice stroll kind of walk) and hiked over lava fields for 3 1/2 miles until we reached the place where the lava was flowing into the ocean. We didn't actually see it, but we saw the pieces of burning rock flying up after it hit the water, we hear the popping, etc. While we were there we meet up with a tour guide who pointed out the "live" lava tube that we were walking on. We could see lava through a crack. Our shoes were warm. It was a bit freaky. We then hiked the 3 1/2 miles back in the dark. That, too, was an adventure. We were met with a bit of a surprise when we ran across 3 little, feral pigs. That was cool - to see the three little pigs, but then a fourth ran out to spoil our little nursery rhyme.

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