Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 130, October 31

On Thursday, David went to Orlando for this years ATA (Airlift, Tanker Assn) conference. Since he was going to be pretty busy there, we didn't go with him, but we were planning to fly down there on Sunday morning. The plan was to go to Sea World on Sunday, then watch the shuttle launch on Monday. The launch was slipped to Tuesday, so we were still going to go down, but relax on Sunday, then do Sea World and the launch. When the shuttle got slipped again, we had to cancel that portion since David had to be back home to exercise saving the world. So the new plan was... fly to Orlando, go to Sea World, drive home. On Sunday morning, we got up nice and early. We were at the airport at 4:30am. By 5:15, we were on the airplane (in first class!). All looks good... then the plane had a malfunction and the flight was cancelled. There was no way we were getting to Orlando after looking at the flight loads, so the girls and I came home and skipped church. I needed a nap and they watched a movie. I'm very proud of them... there was no complaining even though Jor really wanted to ride a few roller coasters that is is finally tall enough to go on.

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