Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 188, December 28

I love my family and I love that my husband has a great job - or at least a great paying job, with good benefits, stability, and a retirement in just over 2 years. When we left Scott AFB, we gave up 1200 square feet of house space and traded an oversized 3 car garage for a small 2 car garage. We have had a challenging time dealing with the lack of storage here. Our laundry room (or laundry hallway?) has been one of our struggles. We have been planning to replace the shelf of wire shelving with cabinets since we moved in. Over this Christmas break, David built the cabinets! We are looking forward to space that is 42 inches high and 18 inches deep to hide much stuff. We are looking forward to neatly housing all the labeled bins that hold batteries, lightbulbs, wires, etc. It'll be great!

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