Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 191, December 31

New Years Eve! We spent this evening out with our adult Sunday School class. We met at the home of a wonderful family who live out in the middle of nowhere! They have a great piece of land and (this is the part that Alyssa enjoyed most) a dirt pile! The adults roasted hotdogs for dinner. The kids had marshmallows for dessert then Mr. Harold took them on a really long hayride! I got to hold a little bitty two week old little girl. It is really hard to imagine that Megan, Jordan and Alys were ever that little.

After leaving Lee's home, we came home to play with sparklers (Koko, the scaredy dog, didn't like them). Then, we played the wii until after midnight. I can't believe that we completely missed midnight! We'll have to catch it next year.

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