Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 192, January 1

Happy New Year, 2011! Tomorrow we start a week of prayer and fasting. Our church does this the first week of January every year. This year we decided to go out to Dairy Queen on Fasting Eve! All three girls had the "Double Fudge Cookie Dough" blizzard. That mini size is perfect for Lyssie. David had some fudge brownie bowl thing and I had the usual cherry covered chocolate cone.

We are planning to go visit the Grandparents in North Dakota this Tuesday (so only 2 days of fasting). It will probably be a short, but cold visit! The hotel that we are staying at has a water slide. We are praying that the visit yields positive memories and will lift the spirits of the grandparents.

For Christmas, we sent them a photo book from Apple. It is the first Apple book that we've made. I'm looking forward to seeing it!

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